Kay Adams and her mother, Judy Rogers, have co-owned one of Richmond’s most delightful antique shops, Anthill Antiques, for 20 years. Anthill is located in the heart of Richmond’s historical shopping area, Carytown, which features over 250 specialty shops, boutiques, and cafes. Top sellers of their jam-packed jewelry, lighting and “stuff”-filled store remain Kay’s recreations of vintage chandeliers and her mesmerizing reinvented vintage jewelry
From her early years to the present, Kay has remained a constant source of energy and creativity. She is married to her best friend and husband of 28 years, Dick Adams. According to Dick, the only thing that will break her away from her antique shop or her studio workshop is their hobby of collecting the countries of the world. After visiting 45 countries and still counting, the collection continues to grow and the ideas continue to flow.

World culture and art continue to inspire Kay Adams’ designs.

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Enjoying the cultures of Peru, Turkey, Thailand, Hong Kong

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