When you see Kay Adams jewelry for the first time, you are sure she has channeled your deepest memories, collected and captured them into charms that wink and gleam and smile.

Memories and wishes, loves and loves lost dangle from Kay Adams' wearable art.

Each one-of-a-kind necklace is a thematic realization, perfectly adorned and glorious.

Kay is as excited as a child on Christmas morning when you talk to her about her work. Joy, wonder, and surprise dance in her eyes. However, she takes her work seriously. From her unique perspective as an antiques dealer, she collects and synthesizes like artifacts with flawless craftsmanship. Her artistic talent is matched only by her technical skill.

Art deco watches stopped in a time long past; bumble bees displayed in a dainty row; hula-hoop earrings swirl and gather at the neck to recollect our personal history.

No two pieces are alike, and like every woman, no two ever will be.

Tapping into a unique personal story that fits each wearer - that is the beauty and genius of Kay Adams' art.

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